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Articles by Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len

The abuse of money

"Here's one way we abuse money.
We earn money and then go buy things on credit cards
Now you're paying interest and that's an abuse of your money.
So, if you're in debt because you are making interest payments, it's an abuse of money.

And if you abuse money, like Mabel says, it's not going to come around.
So, you have to change your relationship with money and the way to do it is to begin to talk to money:

I'm sorry, please forgive me for not using you correctly, for abusing you, for spending on things I don't need,
for buying this and that.
I'm so, so sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you."

“A Tool to deal with the abuse of money – (that's why we don't get it)
In your mind say:
'I mentally fill a glass with orange juice right up to the brim'

The Orange Juice represents God's sunlight.
Mentally fill it up and put the identity of money into the Orange Juice and the money will go 'Ahhhh I'm in a spa’ as opposed to being ravished and raped. Money feels ravished and raped like women.

If we don' take good care of women, they aren't going to come around, just like money.”

Unfolding | February 1999

Cleaning (Ho’oponopono) allows the situation to unfold naturally, without effort or suffering.  As the errors are moved to love through cleaning, the situation is allowed to unfold divinely, perfectly.  And this is so with any relationship or situation in our lives, no matter what it might be. 

Handling the situation by thinking causes chaos and confusion.  First of all thinking deals only with effects, what is perceived, not causes as cleaning does.  Thinking comes from “I know” yet only love knows, really.  Thinking looks outside self.  Cleaning (Ho’oponopono) works inside self where the memories are the cause of our problems, disease, death. 

Thinking is about being right, about taking positions, about making your point. Cleaning (Ho’oponopono) is about bringing peace into a situation, peace beyond all understanding, followed by perfect and right solutions.  Thinking is aggressive, telling the other person what is so.  Cleaning is about love, about allowing love to transmute memories to love.  And it does it lovingly.  Cleaning is about creating a peaceful and wonderful relationship with love and everyone and everything. 

Thinking puts the individual against others.  Cleaning (Ho’oponopono) is about peace beyond all understanding.  Thinking is about trying to understand the nature of things, which is beyond the intellect’s ability to do so.  Thinking leads to ever changing knowledge.  Cleaning is the way to love, to salvation, and to wisdom.