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The Easiest Way Special Edition
Because you asked, it is finally here!

What was easy just got easier with the Special Edition of the book that started it all, The Easiest Way, now including this special bonus,
The Easiest Way to Understanding HO'OPONOPONO
, The Clearest Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions.

The Easiest Way to Understanding HO'OPONOPONO, answers the what, where, when and why about cleaning. Cleaning is simply erasing your memories and bringing you back to zero, so that Inspiration (God, Love) can guide you.

The Easiest Way gives refreshing options for resolving problems and teaches us how problems become problems, and the easiest and quickest way to solve them. It answers questions about life’s expectations, as it directly deals with such issues as faith, money, fear, and love.

Read what others say about the two books that make-up this Special Edition:

Problems, be they spiritual, mental, physical, financial or material, are simply memories replaying in the subconscious mind. The beauty and simplicity of Self Identity through HO'OPONOPONO is its ability to erase memories and to replace them with inspirations for perfect living. In The Easiest Way, Mabel Katz tells her story about rediscovering her Identity and freedom through applying Self Identity through HO'OPONOPONO in all areas of her life. All who read her book will find gems of wisdom that will allow them to discover for themselves their own Identity and freedom. Peace of I
~ Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D

The Easiest Way,"This is the clearest explanation of HO'OPONOPONOI´ve ever seen!”
~ Dr. Joe Vitale, author of Zero Limits and The Attractor Factor

I purchased Mabel's book, The Easiest Way to Understanding HO'OPONOPONO, earlier today, and I've been reading, and re-reading it ever since. It is so wonderful, and uplifting to know that the way to peace, love, and prosperity in all areas of life is so easy! Just take 100% responsibility for everything that shows up in your life, and say 'I'm sorry, please forgive me.' I've only been practicing ho'oponopono for about five months, but I'm already noticing calmness within myself that wasn't there before. Little things, (and even some big things), don't have the same effect as they once did.  Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend Mabel's new book. Outstanding!
~ Jimmy, Georgia

I have read this book, The Easiest Way to Understanding HO'OPONOPONO and listened to the audio. Absolutely incredible! It helped remind me of things I already knew, but tend to forget or get distracted, and taught me many new things about Ho'oponopono too! Thank you Mabel for this amazing book.
~ Love, Regina, Illinois

Hi Mabel, how wonderful to have all I need in one little book and the added additional questions and answers in the new edition. I am amazed each day as I read a page or two that it is always fresh and comes with greater awareness and understanding. I am also amazed at how the book has that written by God today feeling and is continually updated and expanding in awareness and understanding as you do and as I read and let go of more and more memories. I feel like tons and tons of stuff have fallen away and feel very light these days. Am a new person in many ways and of course daily life reflects that. For me there is nothing available today that compares with "The Easiest Way" book and the work you are doing throughout the world! Peace of I,

~ Jimmy, North Carolina

This amazing Special Edition will have you understanding and using the techniques and principles
of HO'OPONOPONO, so you can experience the magic and discover life’s miracles.

Only US$ 19.95

Also available in HEBREW in bookstores in Israel
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